Indoor air quality can be improved by adopting essential oil based alternatives to products that use fragrance

Hundreds of toxic ingredients can be hidden as “fragrance” in cleaning and beauty products, monitored by this self-regulated industry.

Humans can handle and process a lot of poison... but not in harmony with optimal health. In fact, synthetic fragrance (derived from petrochemicals) can pass from the skin into the blood as well as through the sinus and respiratory system and is associated with a variety of adverse health effects.

Allowing fragrance in our homes is a HUGE blind spot! 

I used to be addicted to the smell of Tide & Downy in my sheets. 

This is the scent I was accustomed to smelling in my clean laundry growing up, and so I associated clean linens with this familiar fragrance and required it in order for my brain to code laundry as “clean”. Apparently scent and emotion are stored together in a part of our brain that can only be accessed through smell.

In the 10 years since this discovery, I’ve broken the emotional bond I’d formed with synthetic fragrances and eliminated them from my experience.

I now clean with Dr. Bronner's SAL SUDS, wash my body with their Castile soap, and use Griffin Remedy and RD Alchemy for my body, hair, and face. 

We’re responsible for making sure products in our home are free of harmful ingredients. We can protect our families, communities and the earth better by eliminating clothes laundered with scented detergents, softeners, or dryer sheets, scented cleaning products, fragrance-emitting devices and sprays, perfume,
cologne, aftershave, scented cosmetics, skin lotions, or hair products, etc.

Let’s read ingredients and stop poisoning ourselves!

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