Scalp Therapy Conditioner
Griffin Remedy

Scalp Therapy Conditioner

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Griffin Remedy Scalp Therapy Conditioner with Aloe Vera Extract and Tea Tree Oil

GRIFFIN REMEDY Scalp Therapy conditioner is formulated with Tea Tree oil and Organic Aloe Vera juice, which soothes the scalp while moisturizing and nourishing hair. Tea Tree Oil a natural anti-fungal, helps reduce flaking while moisturizing the scalp.

Ingredients: purified water, certified Organic aloe vera gel, coconut fatty acid cream base, shea butter, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, castor oil, willow bark extract, saw palmetto extract, certified Organic jojoba oil, soy protein, sunflower oil, coconut glycerin, certified Organic chamomile extract, MSM, peppermint essential oil, tea tree essential oil, sodium levulinate, carica papaya extract, rosemary extract


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