About Us

About our founder Sonia Weksler and her journey to create Sleep Bedder

Finding the right outlet to express one's uniqueness through vocation is a lifelong endeavor - a culmination of ever-evolving experiences and influences.

Studying communication theory in college at UCSD accelerated this process for me; my sense of global citizenship was heightened through studying our culture's ideological inner workings. Enhanced discernment was the result of this deepened awareness.

Questions like: "Where does what we buy come from? Who makes it? What impact does this have on our living planet? " filters through which I consider all consumer choices.

This way of seeing the world led me on a journey to contribute to society in ways that are fulfilling, of service to the greater good, and in alignment with environmental ethics.

As I set out to find work my intention was to apply my talents to promote independent, health conscious businesses and to connect people with knowledge and practices that enhance well-being.

After a couple years in the documentary video field (peace & health communication), I was presented with the opportunity to reformat the mom & pop mattress shop that's been in my family for over 40 years.

I wasn't immediately sure I'd find fulfillment there, but there was something about the importance of sleep that resonated on a guttural level.

Sleep is sacred, essential for our optimal health, and is something everyone does for 1/3 of each day...30% of our lives!

Having the opportunity to be a part of optimizing this experience for people felt really good, and enhancing awareness about what materials are actually in our beds and bedding also felt important.

In 2014, I fully took the reins and transitioned the store's offerings from products made by big brands to a local, independent lineup of eco-friendly & organic mattresses - arranged to encourage soothing sensations and cultivate comfortable community space.

The project has continued to evolve as a creative process (moving to North Park in 2015 and hosting hundreds of events and workshops and then to a cool converted old auto body shop location in 2019), and we now offer a full suite of organic bedding & home & body care goods that tie it all together nicely.

I’m so grateful this project has been well received & supported by the community it serves. It’s been such an honor to host events that bring people together while making retail space more relevant by recontextualizing it to better support community & mindful living practices.

As of 2022, we're now online only, and are honored to still be able to provide quality products, curated with care.

 - Sonia Weksler