Kapok Filled Organic Cotton Pillow
Healthy Body Head to Toe

Kapok Filled Organic Cotton Pillow

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  • REQUIRES pillow barrier cover by the same maker for optimal use, including dust mite protection, comfort, to keep moisture out, and to lengthen the life of the pillow 
  • the most wonderful pillow in the world
  • made in San Diego
  • organic cotton damask outer cover
  • natural kapok fiber inside
  • easily malleable ...takes the shape you form it to
  • machine washable & dryable (comes with care instructions)
  • lasts 20 times longer than regular synthetic pillows
  • machine wash and dry (2-3 dryer cycles to dry completely)
  • add $10 zipper closure upgrade, which enables the fill to be adjusted over time... machine still washable & dryable if you put a rubber band around the corner

Standard 20 X 25"
Queen 20 x 30"
King 20 x 35"

**$20 add on for zipper closure is an option that will enable the fill to be customized on an ongoing basis. When the pillow is washed and dried, it fluffs up a lot (requires 2-3 tumble dry low cycles to dry all the way). The zipper allows you to access the kapok and adjust the loft at any time. For machine washing & drying, put a rubber band around the zipper to keep it sealed.

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