Malas • Mantra • Crystals • Cacao
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Malas • Mantra • Crystals • Cacao

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Sat, August 10, 2019
2:30 PM – 5:30 PM PDT

An evening of mindful crafting, crystal magic, voice activation and delicious earth nourishment - in a creative womb space that'll help ground your wildest visions into physical touch.

After a cacao ceremony that will leave your body humming, Demi will guide you through how to intuitively design, knot, seal a full 108 japa mala. Expect attentiveness and tips at every stage.

Along the way, we’ll learn some mantras and their meanings, explore a range of crystal wisdom and meditation methods to use with your new mala!

We'll provide top grade cacao and gemstone beads - no compromise on the physical or energetic properties of what you put on and in your body.

Come gift yourself four powerful ways of cultivating your bliss AND focus! This offering will both elevate your spirit and embolden your roots.

Investment: $108 (all materials of utmost quality)
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