Rosemary Patchouli - Body Wash Shower Gel
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Rosemary Patchouli - Body Wash Shower Gel

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Free yourself from harsh, irritating surfactants and toxic fragrance, colorings and preservatives! Revive your shower or bath experience with our 100% natural and organic body wash. Contains no Parabens, sulfates, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrance, artificial oils or chemical dyes; this body wash is ideal for sensitive skin. Gently cleanse with this sulfate free, 100% natural, foaming body wash that leaves your skin refreshingly clean without drying or stripping away natural oils. Improve skin tone & texture with 14 antioxidant & anti-aging herbal extracts including Aloe, Calendula & Green Tea and Lactic & Citric alpha hydroxy acids that exfoliate to reveal a fresher, renewed glow. 100% pure essential oils give each body wash a unique scent that enliven your senses based on the art & science of Aromatherapy. Herbal extracts and minerals provide therapeutic benefits and a natural color. Experience truly natural, cleansing goodness without harsh toxins.

  • 100% Natural Organic Herbal Extracts / Non-GMO
  • Gently cleanses with a sugar based surfactant without stripping natural oils. 
  • Exfoliates with AHA's: Lactic & Citric Acid.
  • Enlivens your senses with 100% pure essential oils. 
  • Free of: Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrance, Synthetic Colorings 
  • Herbal Extracts of: Aloe barbadensis, Calendula, Oatstraw, White Willow, Sarsaparilla, Plantain, Lavender, Green Tea, Licorice, Chamomile, Red Rose, Comfrey, Burdock and Amalaki.
  • Whole plant / broad spectrum extraction for proper balance.
  • 16 OZ / 480 GM

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