Shoyeido Japanese Incense - Jewels Incense
Shoyeido Japanese Incense - Jewels Incense

Shoyeido Japanese Incense - Jewels Incense

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The five scents in our Jewels incense line are perennial best sellers with good reason: simply put, they have wonderful fragrances! Includes one bundle each of the following:

Diamond: Sparkling sandalwood, frankincense, cinnamon and ginger lily shape this treasured fragrance.

Ruby: Cinnamon and patchouli add soft fire to a rosy sandalwood base.

Emerald: A green, woodsy bouquet comprised of sandalwood and clove.

Sapphire: Crisp tones of clove and vetiver are highlights of this soothing blend.

Amethyst: A silky combination of sandalwood and cinnamon - great to use anytime

  • 1 bundle of 30 sticks, 5.25"
  • Approx. burning time: 30 min. per stick

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