Chakra Chocoalte Truffles
Maya Moon

Chakra Chocoalte Truffles

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Maya Moon Co. was born out of a love for chocolate and healthy food, and a vision to support thriving global ecosystems while opening hearts to more love and vitality. When our founder couldn’t find decadent and nourishing treats made with high quality ingredients and zero refined sugars, she began experimenting on her own.

After two years of recipe testing, these decadent, rich and all natural, honey-sweetened chocolate truffles were born. Since the chocolate truffles were first produced in small batches for special events in 2018, Maya Moon Co.'s production has grown to a 2,400-square foot commercial bakery.

Maya Moon Co. continues to cultivate relationships with organic and sustainable farmers and beekeepers in San Diego and worldwide. Our honey-sweetened chocolate truffles are pure bliss in each bite—an offering from our hearts and the heart of Mother Earth to yours.

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