Patchouli - Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oil
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Patchouli - Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oil

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Soothe, calm and ground your scattered energies and melt away the frantic day with Patchouli essential oil. Its rich, earthy scent helps to soothe stress and anxiety and create a relaxing atmosphere reminiscent of days long ago. A few drops will go a long way to take you back to a quieter time where peace was plentiful. 

  • Scientific Name: Pogostemon cablin
  • Plant Part: Leaves 
  • Scent: Pungent | Earthy | Rich | Woodsy
  • Popular Uses: Stress | Anxiety | Insomnia | Headaches | Meditation
  • 100% Pure | Aromatherapy Grade | Organic Essential Oil 
  • Steam Distilled | Solvent Free
  • 1 oz | 30 ml


Pogostemon cablin (Patchouli) Oil*

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