Sandalwood Water - Rood & Body Spray
Sandalwood Water - Rood & Body Spray

Sandalwood Water - Rood & Body Spray

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Sandalwood Water fresh from the Precious Collection by Quinntessentials.

Sandalwood is a sacred tree and the mystical medicinal properties can balance the immune system and calm the mind for meditation.  

The ritual of anointing yourself with Sandalwood water is a reminder to connect your breath and your mind. A moment of peace and reminder of the sacred and mystical place within. Balances oil and soothes dry skin.  Use as a refreshing mist midday, for meditation.

Made in San Diego by Julie Quinn, certified Herbalist/Aromatherapist, and Yoga Teacher in San Diego, CA.

Sold by the bottle or bring in your own container and enjoy our refill/bulk selection for 10% off!

Packaged in a glass 2oz bottle to protect what's precious.

Shake well and spray.

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